Judy’s Story”, is a film about one woman’s journey through the trials and triumphs of battling GIST, a rare form of cancer. This poignant narrative is inspired by the real-life experiences of Judy, a resilient cancer survivor whose powerful open letter to her cancer forms the backbone of our story.

Chris Carboni of Reunion extended an opportunity to collaborate on a short film—an offer too compelling to refuse, given Reunion's reputation for producing striking, poignant narratives.

I had the distinct honor of leading several animation sequences within this film, an opportunity that allowed me to breathe life into an already meaningful story. The process involved transforming beautifully drawn stills into dynamic 3D models, which I meticulously rigged and animated to convey the intricacies of the tale.

This was an incredibly rewarding endeavor, and I have been eager to share the fruits of our collective labor. I hold a deep sense of pride and satisfaction in the work we accomplished, recognizing the impact it may have on its audience.

Zbrush 3D model
Fully Rigged body and Shadow figure Cloner Build
Artist Process From 3D Ref to 2D Stylized Look 
Here is a compilation of the scenes I was entrusted with creating. 

Thank you!

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